Flora Bilgeri
born February 10th 1900 in Hard/Vorarlberg
lived and worked in Hard/Vorarlberg
died February 26th 1985 in Bregenz
1907 her father passes away
from now on she lives with her mother and her brother Benedikt alone on the farm
1923 she starts to paint
1941 her mother passes away
she now runs the house, the farm and the distillery together with her brother

1964 Flora quits farming, runs only the distillery and concentrates more and more on her art-work

from 1970 on painting is all she does

1985 Flora dies in Bregenz
1983 exhibition of selected paintings in Hard/Seezentrum
1978-1984 various exhibitions in local banks
approx. 400 paintings, approx. 150 drawings, 15 diaries
2 films: Flora Bilgeri, painter, 1900-1985, directed by Kirian Scheuplein, 1998
Aunt Flora, directed by Robert Polak, 2000

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